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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I come to you to get my taxes done, when there are other online companies that offer their services for free?

Great question! The answer is that they are not free. Many other companies offer their services as free, but once you finish and it’s time to actually file the return, there are a bunch of hidden fees as well as filing fees that you have to pay. So to put it plainly, their services aren’t actually free.
Another reason you should come to Tillman Financial is that we have been trained to maximize your tax refunds so that you get every dime that you are owed. There are a lot of tax breaks and write-offs that you may not be aware of that will be missed if you do it yourself. Billions of dollars go unclaimed each year because of a lack of knowledge on tax law and preparation.

What is the purpose of a Client Intake form?

During tax season we will have what is called a client intake form. This form is filled out by you and it consists of general information as well as what forms you will be filling. It should take around 5 minutes to fill out.

What is a Refund Calculator?

Our refund calculator helps me give you an idea/estimate of what type of refund amount, if any, you may be receiving.

How do I qualify for a Free Vacation?

Simply get your taxes done. That’s it! For more information head over to our Incentives tab.

Are you completely Virtual or do you have a storefront as well?

No. We are completely virtual. Being virtual allows our professionals to service clients all over the country. So if you have family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, or coworkers, no worries! We can still service them and they can still take advantage of our FREE VACATION INCENTIVES. Our goal is to make this process as stress free, convenient, and efficient for you as possible.

Does your company offer the opportunity to pay for my tax prep fees out of my refund?

Yes we do! We will always offer that opportunity first, provided you are getting a refund that would cover the cost of your tax prep fees.